See Arena Racing

arena racing 3Arena Racing is exciting, family-friendly entertainment which features half-scale stock cars racing around a high-banked race track inside the Richmond Coliseum. The cars circle a hockey rink sized track at speeds nearing 50-mph – in less than 8 seconds!  The racers run 2 and 3 abreast around this indoor track with all of the bumping, rubbing, crashing, and even flipping, normally associated with stock car races. In between the racing action on the track, there is great music, spectator arena racing 1contests, T-shirt cannons, and awesome prizes!

With just enough noise to be exciting – No Earplugs Necessary – even if you’re not a race fan, you will enjoy the excitement of Arena Racing and value spending time with friends and family!

November 23rd is Teacher Appreciation Night and benefits the American Heart Association.  To view the full schedule click here.

Teachers can purchase a $6 General Admission ticket with a valid employee ID.

Kid’s tickets start at only $8!arena racing 2

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