Check Out Identity: An Exhibition of You at the Science Museum.

Check Out The Science Museum of Virginia’s Newest Exhibit Identity: An Exhibition of You

smv identity 1Challenge your perception of personal identity. Discover the connection between our thoughts and relationships to our genes, brains, and all things scientific!

Designed with a clean, modern sensibility, the exhibition creates an environment to explore their own identity –personalizing the experience and making it unique for each guest. Change elements of a common’s children tune to uncover what your tastes in music reveal about your personality. Examine your fingertip and discover that although the pattern is genetic, the ridges are not!smv idetity 3

Step inside of a thought cone and hear the inner thoughts of people with personalities similar to yours. Can you tell if people are related simply by looks? Try matching up families in a mix-and-match activity and find out! Learn about genetics, psychology and biological identity as you see yourself from new perspectives in the interactive experience suited for guests of all ages.

Identity opens October 18th and runs through January 4th.  It is free with museum admission.

While You’re There – Don’t Forget to See Boost!

IMG_2037A new permanent exhibit at the Science Museum’s is Boost!  It is an exhibit that helps kids and adults understand more about their body and mind.

There are lots of interactive games that encourage you to use your brain in creative ways. Young and old can improve memory and focus with games that get progressively more difficult and challenging. And the fun really gets going as you create your own music using instruments and just a bit of creativity.

The Science Museum makes it possible for you to track your personal progress at the Museum or online – they even have an app! Taking steps to improve your health through small lifestyle improvements is now easier with the Boost! exhibit.IMG_1643

Don’t take our word for it – check it out yourself.  Head to the Museum and explore, play and have fun with Boost!   Click here for more details. You will not be disappointed – and you may learn something about yourself that you never knew before.

Science Museum of Virginia
2500 West Broad Street
Richmond VA 23220-2057
Free parking is located in in the lot between the Science Museum and Children’s Museum.
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