Flight of the Butterflies at the Museum IMAX Dome: An Incredible Journey

Source: www.smv.org

Source: www.smv.org

Flight of the Butterflies

Now Through September 6, 2013

Have you seen Flight of the Butterflies at the Science Museum of Virginia yet? If not, it’s a must-see for everyone!

And why not make it a Father’s Day event?

The movie is shown in the comfort of the massive IMAX Dome at the Museum and the butterflies come to life as they flutter and soar across the screen. It’s an engaging story of Dr. Fred Urquhart and his wife, who spent their entire lives exploring and studying Monarch butterflies. The mystery of where these butterflies end up was unraveled as these dedicated scientists and their many avid supporters helped them follow the journey of millions of butterflies. Finally discovering their final home high up in the mountains provides a breath-taking view of where they live.

Kids of all ages and adults will love this movie. The majestic scenery and the unbelievable strength of these delicate butterflies will amaze, entertain, and engage. We loved this movie and now we can’t wait to head over to Lewis Ginter to see Butterflies Live!

Migrate with hundreds of millions of Monarch butterflies across North America! Discover the hideaway of these magnificent creatures – a secret that was unlocked after 40 years of research by Dr. Fred Urquhart. Immerse yourself in this compelling adventure as you find a super generation of butterflies who miraculously travel to a new and remote destination. Experience firsthand the beauty of the migration cycle of butterflies spanning not only thousands of miles but generations! ~ www.smv.org