Snow Games and Activities for Kids

snowGet ready….get set….SNOW!

Yep – they say it’s headed our way. Here are a few fun ideas to keep the kids entertained all day when it snows.

  1. Snow Paint. When it snows, all you need is a spray bottle and food dye in any color. Fill the spray bottle up and a few drops of the dye and mix it. Spray the snow, write words, and draw pictures. Or use the ‘paint’ to create fun costumes for your snow person!
  2. Snow Tag. It’s pretty much like normal tag, but a little more challenging. You are only allowed to run in other people’s footprints when you’re being chased!
  3. Snow Boarding. Use a bike ramp to snowboard off of and have fun.
  4. Examine Snowflakes. Catch flakes on some dark fabric (chill it in the freezer for ten minutes to keep the snow from melting), then observe the crystalline shapes through a magnifying glass. Kids will love the many different shapes!
  5. Snow Kids. Stage a funny photo shoot by building a snowman with stick arms, buttons, and a scarf — but no head! Then take silly shots of your kids posing with their face where the snowman’s head should be.
  6. Feed the Birds. Hollow out a large orange and fill it with seeds to feed your feathered friends.snow animal
  7. Blow Bubbles. Bubbles aren’t just for summer – pull out the bubbles and wands, blow bubbles, and watch them freeze!
  8. Scavenger Hunt. Freeze colored water into ice cubes, then hide them around the yard for a wintertime scavenger hunt.
  9. Snow Animals. Create your own snow animals – an ‘inch worm’, bugs, spiders, and more. Use leaves and twigs to make them come alive.

Try these fun games or create your own. Enjoy the snow – it will be springtime before we know it!