The Pit Stop at CMoR

1 2  4Furthering their commitment to educate children about motorsports, Richmond International Raceway and The NASCAR Foundation have partnered with the Children’s Museum of Richmond on a new interactive display that will teach kids and adults all about the country’s most popular racing series.

CMoR Chesterfield debuted the Richmond International Raceway-themed display in February, 2013.  The display will travel among the museum’s three locations (visit the website to see where the exhibit is now). It features four interactive components that will teach kids and adults, including:

The Flag Stand: Explanation of what each of the NASCAR flags indicates

Half Car: Sit inside an actual NASCAR race car that was driven in competition and see what it is like inside.

Build Your Own Racecar: Visitors may build small scale cars to race against others, with the opportunity to modify the pieces to make them go faster.

When They Were Young: Historical facts about NASCAR drivers from Virginia

“This partnership among Richmond International Raceway, The NASCAR Foundation and the Children’s Museum of Richmond is very important for us,” said RIR President Dennis Bickmeier. “For decades, kids across the world have learned about motorsports by being exposed to racing at a young age. It’s our hope that we will not only continue this tradition, but further the industry goal of getting children involved at an early age with NASCAR events, especially right here in the Greater Richmond Metropolitan Area.”