Register Now for 2013 VAHomeschooler Conference March 22nd – 23rd

2013-banner-800Raising kids in the Richmond area is great fun.

There are plenty of great schools when raising kids in the Richmond area too. But if you’ve made the decision to homeschool your children, you want to mark your calendars for the upcoming VAHomeschoolers Conference. It will be held at the Cultural Arts Center in Glen Allen, VA.

There are more than 30,000 kids being homeschooled in Virginia.  If you want to know more about homeschooling, there’s a special session for non-homeschoolers too.

Registration is open now and the conference is March 22-23 

Check out everything they have in store for you in their online Registration Booklet then click HERE to register. VaHomeschoolers members will receive a paper copy with the January-February Voice.

Sign up by March 9 for a $10 Early Bird Discount.

Featured Speakers

There will be three featured speakers at the conference:

  1. Karim Kai Ani who knows all about math and his Mathalicious makes math REAL and fun
  2. The Happy Scientist Robert Krampf is all about science and more
  3. Brett Brunner’s love of languages and tips to make SAT words exciting will engage everyone

There will be lots of other speakers and events to attend throughout the weekend.

Friday Event Kick-Off

There’s a celebration on Friday night with a talent show, art/science exhibit and ice cream social.

On March 22 from 7-9pm, you’ll enjoy lots of fun with plenty of 20th birthday celebration events. Your kids can perform or display a work of art or science project too. Just sign up with the party coordinator at See the registration book for more details (page 16).

Not a homeschooler? Then check this out.

Homeschooling is not for everyone – but maybe you want to know more. There’s a first time VAHomeSchoolers session for non-homeschoolers too. It’s an introduction for people who do not homeschool and it’s a free session. It includes discussions about:

  • Status of homeschooling in Virginia
  • Approaches to homeschooling
  • Why people choose to homeschool
  • Who homeschools?
  • Statistics on homeschooling in Virginia
  • Q&A about homeschooling

Registration for the sessions is required.

There’s also a Used Resource Sale with great prices on curricula, manipulatives, literature, CDs, games, science kits and much more. If you have items to donate, you can learn more in the resource book on page 14.


Register by March 9, 2013 and save $10 on one full registration. Choose to enjoy catered box lunches when you register too. You can choose the sessions you want to attend or attend them all – it’s up to you.

Visit the website to learn more and register early to save. And visit this link for a Comprehensive Guide to Homeschooling in Virginia