Whatsinmybelly: A Baby Pool for Fun

Raising kids in the Richmond area just became a lot more fun!

The Whatsinmybelly website is an innovative approach for new parents who are excited about pregnancy and want to get their friends and family more involved.

Have you ever joined an office pool and tried to predict the gender, birthday, and birth time of a newborn? This website gives you an easy, interactive way to participate and join in the fun of the baby pool guessing game. And it’s completely free. Friends and family can guess the birth date, time, gender, weight, and other things about the baby.

WhatsInMyBelly.com allows you to set up a baby pool and invite friends and family to join in. “Think of it as a combination of fantasy football and childbirth,” according to their website.

Visit the website and see what you think. Tell your friends about it and get a baby pool started if you or someone you know is pregnant and let us know about it. We’d love to join in the fun and jump in the baby pool!