Most Popular Baby Names for Boys and Girls

baby namesThe Social Security Administration has updated their listing of the most popular baby names through 2011 (2012 results are not yet available). See if you or your child are on the list:

Top 10 Baby Names For 2011

Rank Male name Female name
1 Jacob Sophia
2 Mason Isabella
3 William Emma
4 Jayden Olivia
5 Noah Ava
6 Michael Emily
7 Ethan Abigail
8 Alexander Madison
9 Aiden Mia
10 Daniel Chloe

What names do you think will make the 2012 list? Trending upwards are made-up names and ‘last names’ as ‘first names’. We’d love to know of any unusual and unique names you have given, or plan to give, your child.

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We’d love to know what Richmonders are naming their kids.