What to do With Leftover Pumpkins

If you’re wondering what to do with that leftover pumpkin after Halloween, you’re not alone!

There are lots of uses for pumpkins, but be careful. Once a pumpkin has been carved and has sat out for more than 24 hours, it could be unsafe to eat. Only use uncarved pumpkins for eating and cooking.

Since pumpkins are 90% water, they break-down easily and make great compost – but there are other great uses for them after the spooky holiday is over.

  1. Save the flesh from your pumpkin for baking later in pies or other recipes – it can be easily frozen
  2. Put pumpkins in the compost heap – they make good fertilizer
  3. If you don’t compost, bury it in the garden or yard – it will decay quickly and enrich the soil
  4. Wash, dry and save the seeds to plant next year (they will grow!)
  5. Wash and roast the seeds – they make good eating (for people or birds!)
  6. Make a pumpkin planter by filling it 1/3 with good soil and then placing a pot of fall mums in it as a container
  7. Some zoos or farms will take pumpkins if they’re still fresh for composting or animals – check with one near you
  8. Some cats and dogs like smashed pumpkin as a treat – mashed pumpkin can be used for diarrhea, infections and excess weight treatment, and pets usually like pumpkin taste
  9. Clean it out thoroughly, fill with crushed ice, and use to chill drinks or bottles of wine for a fall get-together
  10. Scatter small pieces of pumpkin around the outside perimeter of your yard for deer and birds (but NOT in a neighbor’s yard!)
  11. Uncarved pumpkins, kept cool, dry, and indoors (away from heat and frost) may last as décor until Thanksgiving


And if all else fails, smash it! Have fun!