A Parent’s Best Kept Secret: Commonwealth Parenting

Do you wonder how some parents know just what to do or say when a child is throwing a temper tantrum, won’t eat his vegetables, or refuses to do his homework? Maybe they know “a parent’s best kept secret”!

Commonwealth Parenting is a local source of valuable information that helps parents better understand how children think, act, and respond to direction. “Knowledge that Nurtures” is more than just a tag line at Commonwealth Parenting. “It’s who we are, it’s what we believe, and, most importantly, it’s what we do,” according to their website.

For nearly 30 years, Commonwealth Parenting has served as the Richmond area’s leading resource for parenting information, empowering parents to be the best parents they can be through education and support. Voted 2011 “Best Local Parenting Resource” by Richmond Magazine, they have supported a total of more than 40,000 families, or approximately 3,200 families annually.

In 2011,that number rose to 4,678 in total. Their family educators and accredited experts are committed to helping families thrive, offering hands-on instruction on a wide-range of topics through classroom and private session settings, as well as the valuable Parent Tip Line sponsored by Dominion (804-598-1928).

In addition, partnerships with local organizations and schools enable us to offer parenting education throughout the community in the form of guest speakers, workshops and special programming.

The Nature of Boys (Parents of Boys birth-9 yrs) was a recent class all about boys. It provided insights into how they think, what drives their behavior and how we can create environments for their success in home and at school. This free seminar was designed to help dozens of parents learn new techniques for giving boys the best possible chance at success.

Words That Work With Preschoolers (Parents of Children 2-4 yrs), is an example of what they offer parents. As their experts explain, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it that gets results. In this seminar, parents and caregiver learn more effective communication skills that will stop undesirable behavior and encourage  cooperation. For just $30, parents and caregivers can learn how to manage the power struggle with kids by using words that really work and make a difference.

The Commonwealth Parenting website is filled with valuable resources and tools. From bullying, to backpack organization, and academic development, you will find lots of helpful information and tips.

If you haven’t already visited the Commonwealth Parenting website, do it now. See what they have to offer and take advantage of their free and low-cost seminar, resources, and tips.

They’re a great resource for “Raising Kids in the Richmond Area”, but don’t tell the kids – Commonwealth Parenting is a parent’s best kept secret!