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COLLABORATIVE PARENTING OF RICHMOND  “Breathing Life Back Into You and Your Family”
Phone: 804.337.7651
CPR provides a range of services to parents and families in the Richmond and surrounding areas.  “Collaborative Parenting” refers to the collaboration, the team effort, of Parenting Educator and parents as an alternative, when suitable, to child psychotherapy.  By providing Parent classes and workshops designed to broaden the parent’s understanding of their child at each stage of development ; strengthen specific skills in the parent; and provide a deeper understanding of the child’s behavior, CPR  focuses on making PARENTS the powerful people and problem solvers in their children’s lives.  With the proper guidance and skill development parents can learn to resolve their child’s individual behavior problems, reduce conflict in the family and classroom and love being a parent once again.
Individual Sessions:  One hour individual sessions are offered  with content being based on the needs of the parents attending.  They also offer CO-Parent education and guidence designed to meet the needs of families during and after a separation and divorce.
Classes and Workshops:  Look on the website for a wide range of topics that classes and Saturday workshops target …Anything from post partum struggles to toilet training to drugs, sex and video games…and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, call them and tell them what you want offered. Many of the classes are free.
Speaking Engagements:   Also listed on our website are a few of the popular topics groups of all kinds have asked for. Whether you are a church group, A MOM’s group, a group of friends, a school, an organization of most any genre they can provide a fascinating speaking event  for your group. (Baby showers included!)
FREE Q&A by email:   Do you have a burning question about your child or family? Just email and you will receive a timely and thorough response.

Creative Wellness and Mindfulness exists to help families with young children get off to a healthy start. Together, they will find creative ways to bring mindfulness into your everyday life as a family. Services range from fun, interactive child/parent yoga and dance classes to personalized services, such as parenting workshops and Mindful Family sessions. Parent/child classes are thoughtfully created by the director, who has studied with the top specialists in infant and early childhood development. Personalized services are tailored to your specific needs. Creative Wellness and Mindfulness will work with you to help you find the best solutions for your family. Learn more about Creative Wellness and Mindfulness and their services by visiting Oh, did we mention we train early childhood educators too! Want a more mindful approach to early childhood education? They are here to help!

Commonwealth Parenting offers skills-based parent education programs designed to enhance specific parenting behaviors that have a direct impact on children. The parent education programs address: developing and practicing positive discipline techniques; learning how to model age-appropriate social/emotional behaviors; promoting interaction between parents and children through positive play; and locating and accessing community services and supports.  Programs are delivered during convenient hours for working parents, offer refreshments and handouts with specific techniques to try at home.  The type of services include:
•  Parenting Workshops – A Commonwealth Parenting family educator leads an instructional session on a specific topic, such as infant care (“Welcome Baby Home”), aggressive behavior (“Fighters, Biters, Pushers and Smushers”), child development (“Is This Normal??”) or other related topics. Methods of teaching include role play, interactive dialogue, and Q & A.
•  “On the spot” Consultations at childcare centers and preschools – A Commonwealth Parenting family educator is stationed in an easily accessed location before and during child pickup time. A table is supplied with informational handouts, ideas for skill development and promotional materials. The family educator is available for brief questions (around 10 minutes per question) that may include, sleeping challenges, behavioral issues, discipline questions, or developmental inquiries.
•  One-on-one Parenting Consultations – A Commonwealth Parenting family educator meets privately with a parent or caregiver to give targeted advice on a troubling issue or chronic concern. Child observations may take place to supplement parenting guidance.
•  Large Group Lectures – A Commonwealth Parenting family educator leads an instructional session in a large group format that may focus on a more general parenting topic, such as communication (“What You Say and How You Say It”), gender differences (“It’s All About Boys”), or personalities (“Understanding Temperament”). Methods of teaching include lecture, discussion and Q & A.
•  A Free Parenting Advice Line
•  Childcare Staff Training – A Commonwealth Parenting family educator leads an instructional session for the training and guidance of child care providers, focusing on specific topics relating to early child development and readiness skills.

FAM (Families are Magic)
103 E Grace Street, Richmond, VA  23219  Phone: 804.257.7226
FAM is a diverse group of parents and parenting education professionals working together to ensure that parents in the Richmond community have access to the resources they need to raise happy, healthy families.  Children are a gift.  But they don’t come with instructions.  FAM was created to help parents deal with whatever challenges come their way, no matter how big or small.  Because when a family has the support it needs, families are magic.
•  Workshops are provided on a variety of topics such as parenting under stress, positive discipline, effective communication in your family, understanding your child’s temperament, and how to be a nurturing parent.  Many other topics are also available.  There is no fee required but FAM does accept donations to offset the cost of their services.  Workshops can be offered at our office, child care settings, schools, faith centers and/or other appropriate venues.
  Parenting Resources – a comprehensive listing of resources is available on line at
•  800-CHILDREN (800-244-5373) is a toll-free helpline staffed by real people who can give you on-the-spot information about parenting resources.
•  Circle of Parents Group – sometimes it helps to meet other parents dealing with the same issues you are – from toilet training to teens expressing their independence.  There is no fee for this group.

5403 Monument Avenue, Richmond, VA 23226   Phone: 804.285.6500
The Weinstein JCC offers a variety of parenting classes.  Families are not required to be members to take advantage of classes.  Visit the website for more details and current schedules.

Children-R-First is a consulting company that caters to the needs of the early childhood community here in Richmond.  They specialize in school readiness workshops for parents and teachers.  They also provide tutoring for children ages 3-5.

P.O. Box 2043, Mechanicsville, Virginia, 23116  Phone:  804.393.0110
Jordan’s Quest is a pro-active parenting program dedicated to working with parents of children 0 to 18 years of age.  We teach parents how to be more pro-active in their parenting and less reactive when challenges arise.
•  Co-Parenting Classes offered to parents seeking custody, child support, visitation rights when a divorce or separation occurs…WE ARE MOBILE AND CAN COME TO YOUR HOME.
•  Staff In-Service Trainings for child care providers
•  Literacy Workshop/Program for parent groups
•  Parent Chats With Ms. Chanie…Opportunity for parents to ask parenting questions while shopping or checking out a book at the Library.
•  Parent Education Displays:  We’ll come out to your “Open House Event”, “Resource Fair” or “Community Day Event” and display FREE parent resource information and service provider contacts.

Kate Lipka ~ Parent Consultant
Do you walk the fine line between protecting and giving autonomy to support independence?  I offer custom consultation to families of children from birth through age 6.  Assisting families in fostering independence and responding to the child’s needs.  Learn more at Contact me at or 804-839-4129.